Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Stupid, Crazy & ANGRY People Compilation

ANGRY people, and other fails.

Crazy People, Cats and Dogs Compilation

Yes, these things really happened. 

Dumb Animals Compilation

Dumb Animals Compilation ►► Hey, nobody can be graceful or elegant all the time, including animals. Just like people, animals aren't immune from being...

Texas Woman Steals Police Car Then Crashes It During Chase

Law enforcement officials have identified the chase suspect as Toscha Sponsler, a 33-year-old Alto native who is now under arrest with multiple charges, aside...

L.A. Man Arrested In Deadly Swatting Call In Kansas

Law enforcement officers in Los Angeles arrested a 25-year-old man suspected of making a hoax emergency call that resulted in a police officer shooting and killing...

The GOP Tax Bill – Written by Jack Torrance from The...

In 2017, the republican majority drafted a bill in the dead of night that would change the lives of millions. The event of that day...

Russian Folk Doctor’s Cucumber Cure for Hemmorroids

Russian folk doctor Popov tells how to quickly cure hemorrhoids. This doctor became famous in the Russian YouTube for his not standard methods of...

Awesome crazy ANIMAL fails

Not only cats and dogs, even wild, farm and other animals can be awesome and make your day better

Top Funny Commercials Collection

Some funny commercial from around the world.

Ultimate Girls Fails of the Year 2013

The ULTIMATE girls fails compilation of the year! You didn't think we'd leave the girls out did you? Well not to disappoint we've compiled...

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