Thursday, September 19, 2019

10 Simpsons Jokes That Came True

Springfield's favorite family, The Simpsons have been entertaining us for decades, but do the jokes translate in real life?  

Porn traffic before and after the missile alert in Hawaii

PornHub compared minute-to-minute traffic on their site before and after the missile alert to an average Saturday (okay for work). Right after the alert there was...

The Age of the Imbecile

The World is Turning Catastrophically Stupid. Here’s How Not to Join It. I’d bet, these days, shortly after reading the headlines, you’ve thought, shaking your head...

Major News Organizations Agree To Ignore Everything President Says Going Forward

“As a collective body, we will no longer cover anything Donald Trump says, tweets, draws, or scribbles, because it’s all nonsense” Major news organizations in...

A bizarre video has emerged of a former Goldman Sachs boss...

A fun, but bizarre video of former Goldman Sachs executive bench-pressing his wife emerges. Alexander Dibelius was the head of Goldman's German operation, and is...

Trump State Of The Union Bingo

The Constitution requires the president to periodically give Congress information on the state of the union. On Tuesday night, President Trump will deliver his...

Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap

Porch Pirates Beware. This might be my Magnum Opus.

More Epic Fails

More weekly compilation of the best WE LOVE FAILS. Including gun shots gone wrong, stupid stunts caught on tape, gymnastic fails, home video bloopers,...

Divorce Gone Wrong

That'll teach you Steven. As stated in the video, "gotta love New York".  

Loud Motorcycle-Fake!

Wow, that's loud! 

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