About Us

Idiot-or-Moron was founded and is operated by a bawdy band of musketeers whose goal is to rescue the World from fear, mysticism and the tyranny of ignorance. Oh wait, that’s a different website! This is an entertainment site with a focus on real-world comedy – specifically the ironies of life, odd-ball human behavior and modern culture.

The main thrust of this website is this: No mean-spririted vitriol or rhetoric here – just good-hearted, good-natured poking fun at people that wind up in the news through their misfortunate actions or words. So keep it civil please.

We believe that modern day life – and especially the circus that we refer to as the media – is getting more and more absurd. We are all being constantly bombarded by gamma rays of Idiocy and Moronitude. It’s hard to take.

What this site offers is an outlet for our pent up stress and frustration – a place where your vote and your voice actually means something. Well, okay maybe not so much, but you get the drift.

So have fun with the nonsense you discover her until you can no longer stand up and you have to take a nap.