Betsy DeVos Proves She’s an Idiot In Just 6 Seconds!


Befuddled, billionaire breaks speed record for incompetence.

“60 Minutes” is a famous, iconic, news show. They had Betsy DeVos on. This only happened, because Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is far too dimwitted to ever know how woefully uninformed, and tragically clueless she is, which is exactly why she continues to say, and do, things in public.

Now, there are only two kinds of people in the world.

  1. People who want to hurl Betsy DeVos into a live volcano.
  2. Betsy DeVos.

Lesley Stahl asked Betsy DeVos: “Why have you become, people say, the most hated Cabinet secretary?”

DeVos responded: “I’m not so sure how exactly that happened.”

So, I’m here to patiently explain, exactly how that happened.

See, Betsy DeVos is universally hated. She gets booed everywhere she goes. When she sits down to eat breakfast with her family, they boo her. When she goes to a school, the students all boo her, and turn their backs on her. Before she was famous she once asked a cop for directions, and he said “Boooo! Boooo, private citizen. Boooo!”. A mime and a monk both broke their vows of silence to boo Betsy DeVos. She’s less popular than chlamydia. Seriously, people would rather get hit with a bucket of AIDS, than spend even a moment with her.

FUN FACT: Vice President Mike Pence had to take time out of his busy schedule of strangling gay people, to break the tie to confirm DeVos’ nomination, thus, making her the very FIRST Cabinet nominee — in all of history — to require a tie-breaking vote by a vice president to be confirmed. Oh, she must be SO proud. (To clarify, every democrat voted against DeVos, due to many democrats not being demonic monsters who drink blood and worship Satan, in stark contrast to their GOP counterparts).

Vanity Fair, described DeVos’ interview as “DISASTROUS”. But, of course, they were being far too kind with that description. When asked about arming teachers, DeVos did mention that she didn’t think her first grade teacher Mrs Zorhoff, should have a gun.

So, I contacted Mrs. Zorhoff to ask her about this. (These kinds of journalistic instincts, are but one of the many reasons I’m commonly referred to as “the Edward R. Murrow of this generation”).
Here’s what Mrs. Zorhoff said.

“Oh, I hated that DeVos kid. All of us teachers and students despised her. If I had a gun back then I would have definitely shot her right in her stupid face, and the entire school would have carried me on their shoulders like a hero, cheering my name, and singing “hallelujah”,… but, of course, times were very, very, different back then.”

Later in the 60 Minutes interview, after being asked a few questions pertaining to schools and education, it became readily apparent DeVos had absolutely noknowledge of this subject. So, Lesley Stahl then interviewed a cat, via sign language (cats can’t talk, silly), and the cat showed a way better understanding of education, and public schools than DeVos did. The cat, Mr. Whiskers, also said/signed how disappointed he is with humans in general. He said humanity has really hit a low point since 2016, and he plans to wait stealthily, to LEAP off of high places, and jump on as many of our heads as he can, the moment we let our guards down.

We’ve been warned. — And, I do see Mr. Whiskers’ point.

Humanity HAS hit a low since 2016. America (formerly known as “America”), USED to strive to be the best country, even in moments where we were at our very worst. The IDEA of us, though, was to be the shining beacon that lights the path of humanity. And now, we’re NOT. (Obviously…).

So, much like Mr. Whiskers, due to the tragic events in 2016 that led to DeVos now being in charge of education, I too want to jump on MANY people’s heads, but the legalities of assault and battery laws pertaining to humans, sadly… prevents this.

Written by Steven W. Rouach – see original article here.



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